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How to win a freeroll poker tournament ?

Freeroll poker tournament
Win freeroll poker tournament There is a few players who takes freeroll poker tournaments seriously , because in this kind of tournaments the players don't risk anything and the decision will not be danger to theirs money . And this is the reason why don't have a lot of information about freeroll poker tournaments . But here i will give you tips for winning a freeroll .
The first stage of the tournament is its early phrase . This moment is critical here because we have to think about some extra things . 1st is the "maniacs" who try to build a big stack with counless number of " all-in " . The best strategy here is to be tight aggressive without taking big risks . If you get 2 or 3 strong hands in the 1st hour they will pay off as easy as catching a fish swimming in a little aquarium .
There is another one thing for what you have to think . This is "dead" stacks in tournament - this is the players who have forgotten about the tournament or don't want to play . This is a free chips which you must try to win in every opportunity . But the problem is that you are not the only one who want this free chips . Be carefull with the maniacs who are susceptible to bet "all-in" often .
In the middle stage of the tournament you have to pay attention to the skills of the other players . In the middle stage if someone have strong hand he will hold it to the end . Don't try to bluff .
When you reach the " balloon " you will noticed that everybody will be carefull and nervous . That's your moment to be aggressive and advancing . You can lose nothing except your time . The best tactic is to try to reach at least final table where worth the money .
Remember , there is a lot of luck in freeroll poker tournaments but luckily you will not lose anything. So try to win something .